Tree Felling Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to reduce the sound my tree makes when it is windy?

Yes, you could cut down a few branches here and there and make sure that the wind flows naturally around the tree which will result in a more silent tree.

Do you provide tree shaping services?

Yes, our tree shaping experts can cut your tree into virtually any shape. All you have to know is the shape and we will provide you with the service to meet your requirements.

How much does it cost to shape a tree?

That’s a tricky question and it is almost impossible to answer accurately because all trees come in different sizes and heights. It would be helpful if you would send us a picture of the tree you want us to shape and we will be happy to send you a quick quotation.

What must I do to maintain the shape of my tree?

These are a few things you can do to ensure that your tree shape remains that way:

  • Get a dedicated tree felling expert
  • Don’t allow people to people on it
  • Keep it away from busy places
  • Ensure that everyone knows not to touch it
  • Monthly Trimming
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Monthly Sizing

How much does tree felling maintenance cost?

Our tree maintenance services fees are governed by the amount of tree felling services that you have asked for. A maintenance plan that only requires us to trim the trees will be cheaper than one that requires us to trim and dress the lawn every month.