About Us

Tree Felling Johannesburg

When you tree starts acting real, who you going to call?

Tree Felling Johannesburg was formed with the aim of busting those scary moments before they do real damage. From 2003 we have aiding residents and companies prevent major accidents from happening.

Our staff members are trained by our own executive board members who has over 30 years in the industry to ensure they fully understand the world of tree felling is no walk in the park.

Let the professionals do what they do best!

Tree Felling Johannesburg we work with many people on a daily basis and we know firsthand what is required for you to avoid tree accidents from happening:

  • Tree Health Inspections:- Checking your trees for any signs of disease or old age will help you have a road plan on how to properly deal with them and take action as soon as possible.
  • Tree Felling Services:- Our services can be designed for your individual requirements and we have a flexible payment plan to make it easy for you to start taking care of your trees.
  • Tree Felling Team:- Our team of certified, experienced and executively trained tree felling experts will provide you with the skills and man power to move even giant trees out of your way!

Tree Felling Johannesburg’s goal is to ensure that our customers are taken care of and help them get the best from their plants and with unbeatable prices, it’s easier now more than ever.

Feel free to contact Tree Felling Johannesburg whenever you find yourself in tree dramas. Let us give you a simple preventative solution today!